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The Albritton Family

We are a family owned and family operated farm located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida just 5 miles east of I75.

Farming has been a part our family for over 6 generations. We have been growing citrus since the late 1800's. We strive to grow a quality citrus product for all of our consumers. Agriculture is an ever changing business. Citrus is our roots, but our family ventured into other crops throughout the years. We have a beef breeding operation in Clewiston, Florida. We grow row crops at our plantain in Georgia which include corn, cotton, and peanuts. Our blueberry field was planted in 2015, and is our newest venture. We started with 60,000 plants and included 4 different varieties.  

In 2019, we planted a new variety Arcadia. We are expecting to be able to harvest this variety in 2021.

Farming is not just our lively hood, it is a way of life. We are proud to be your local farmers!


UPick Dates

* Monday May 25

CLOSED due to expected inclement weather

Pre-Picked berries will be available at:

5430 Proctor Road ( 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

Buy 2lbs Get 1lb FREE!

* Wednesday May 27

* Friday May 29

How We Operate

* Saturday May 30

Guaranteed Excellence


Albritton Fruit Farms Blueberry U-Pick is an outdoor activity for you, your family and friends to participate in! We provide all the necessary equipment for picking, and for getting your berries home safely. Our field is maintained weekly, and the fruit is easily accessible. The rows are wide enough for either both a stroller and or wheel chair to safely navigate through. To make the most of your visit to our farm closed toed shoes are suggested. Portalettes are also available.

Pricing: $5 per pound(Upick)

Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Rules to follow while visiting our farm:

1.) Upon entering the field, you are required to wash your hands!

2.) CREDIT CARD payments only

3.) Due to the Florida Food Safety regulations, NO pets or animals of any kind are permitted in the field during harvesting season.

4.) You are required to stay 6 feet away from other customers while on our farm

5.) Buckets and bags are provided for you, please leave your containers at home. After you pick, we will weigh your berries in the bucket. The scale is set to remove the weight of the bucket itself, therefor you are not paying for the bucket weight just the weight of the blueberries. 

6.) Please follow all guidelines and suggestions put in place to reduce the spread of COVID 19

We want to be able to continue to provide a happy, healthy environment for our customers. Please help us do so!


Albritton Fruit Farms


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