Welcome to Our Farm

We are a family owned and family operated farm located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida just 5 miles east of I75.

Our blueberry field was planted in 2015 with just shy of 60,000 plants that now includes 4 varieties of blueberries. 

We are ClOSED for the 2021 season 


2021 U-Pick Dates

Our blueberry field ids now closed for the 2021 upick season. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much dos U-Pick cost?

Blueberries: $5.50/lb

Sunflowers: $2 per stem

Cash/Card accepted  

What should I bring to pick blueberries?

To make the most of your visit to our farm closed toed shoes are suggested. Florida heat can get the best of even the most seasoned Floridian, so please be sure to bring sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, water etc. 

We provide all the necessary equipment(buckets) for picking and for getting your berries home safely(bag). Please bring your own scissors to harvest the sunflowers and zinnias. 

Is your farm organic?

Although we are considered a conventional farm, we are practicing sustainable farming. Our family is very consciousness of what we are using on our farm and only when necessary. Not only to be cost efficient, but our goal is to pass this farm onto the next generation. We use both conventional and organic sprays when treating out field.  Contrary to popular opinion farmers love their land and cherish it. That statement reigns true within our family. By practicing sustainable farming, we are ensuring our carbon footprint is as small as possible. Our goal is to grow a safe and quality commodity for you to enjoy.  We are audited by the USDA annually. Which includes following proper withdrawal times during harvesting season since we grow a farm to table product.

Why weigh my berries in the bucket?

After a few blueberry catastrophes, it is the best bet to keep your berries in the bucket. Our scales are set every single day to zero out the weight of the bucket. In short, you are not paying for the weight of the bucket but simply the berries inside.

Can I bring my dog to your farm?

We LOVE dogs..... just not in the field. Due to blueberries being a farm to table product per the USDA guidelines no animals are allowed in the field at any time. With the exception of service animals.